Dec 20, 2010
House of Blues redux
Hey all,

So let's just start by saying how much fun we (The Conleys) had playing the Foundation Room at the House of Blues, and how much we love every single one of you that came out! It was a great time!

I'll walk you through the show experience. First, we arrive at the Best Western next door to the House of Blues in the late afternoon, check in, and get ready for the show. Now we booked this room for our super awesome after-party for all of you and the room itself did not disappoint. It had mediterranean style windows that opened outward over the pool, and had a not too shabby view of the night sky. It was great. Suffice to say it was the best Best Western ever. Best Best Western, that's right.

Next, we arrive at the HOB Foundation Room and they have a huge (by our standards) room for the bands to hang out/get ready in. It was great! And it was stocked with water and booze and mixers. Just perfect. We were rolling like rockstars from the get-go.

Playing our set was so much fun! We could not ask for a better time or audience! Plus, everyone was so attentive, and the new songs got great responses. Our set:

-Christian's Room
-Simply Irresistible
-Grow Me A Man
-Change Bag
-Movement On Both Sides

So after the set I made sure everyone got their free special gift and told them all about the super killer after party. whoa, did I just skip over the awesome special gift? Now that the show's passed I can tell you what it was: Handmade guitar string bracelets made out of official strings from official Conley guitars. That's right, a Conley (Sarah) collected months worth of used strings and then made them into amazing guitar string bracelets just for you! They even come with a certificate of authenticity. If you missed the show, don't worry we will have the bracelets for sale at all future Conley shows (or until the strings run out, or Sarah has no time to make them), or you can email or message us and we'll send you one.

Finally we come to the after party at the Best Best Western, room 214 to be exact. Fun and merriment was had by all (lubricated by many friends in pourable bottles). Let's leave the after party talk to that--got to maintain some mystery ;-)

That's all for now folks. Should have some videos/photos up from the show sometime soon, but then again I was supposed to do this blog 5 days ago.

Catch ya at the next show, Folk Yeah!

Merry Christmas and Folky Holidays to you all, The Conleys

ps. Folk Noir makes a great stocking stuffer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010
The Conleys+Irish pub=Greatness

Hey everyone!
Did you know The Conleys are actually related to an Irish rebel who was killed via British firing squad during "the troubles"? There's actually a monument to him. So The Conleys +O'Brien's Irish Pub in Santa Monica was a no brainer! Irish unite! (ha)

If you were too beaten down by Monday to come out to our free show at O'Brien's on Tuesday, you missed a killer time! Not only did we play a jumbo sized set, but there was dancing and drunken sing-a-longs (all great things that happen at Irish pubs)! I can't even describe how much fun we all had playing for fans and drunken patrons alike.

What did we play?
-Movement on Both Sides
-Christian's Room
-Simply Irresistible
-Grow Me A Man
-Roar (new song)

We had some awesome dancers jumping up at scattered songs, and we even had a wicked sing along at the end of Simply Irresistible. So awesome.

ooh, and did I mention that The Conleys have officially gone international? We've now digitally sold to patrons through iTunes Canada and iTunes Europe/UK. Slowly but surely we are taking over the globe! Watch out Ross Ice Shelf (Antarctica) we're coming for you next!

Come succumb to our global dominance at the Pig n Whistle Saturday, Aug 28th 8:30pm!

Sarah & The Conleys

Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Don't cross the streams @ the Cabana Club

Hey all!
Sorry for the late update about the show last weekend. Crazytown here at Casa Conley getting work done and remodeling things. Sigh. But things look nice now, so yay.
So guess what--you can no longer cross the stream at the Cabana Club! That's because it has been replaced by two hot tubs! No lie. You can theoretically come get your 'folk noir' on listening to The Conleys while you get whatever else on in the hot tub. So there you go. Don't you wish you'd been there to check that out.

Set list:

-Racin' the Sun
-Simply Irresistible
-Roar (new song)

And yes, we finally debuted the new song we've been teasing! It's called "Roar" and we all thought it went over pretty well. It's another rocker, so get ready for some raw animal power to a killer beat.

Have you seen our new live videos up on youtube? Just a little taste of the good stuff we're serving up!

Anyway, we've got two new shows coming up! Come see us This Tuesday at O'Brien's in Santa Monica on Main Street! It's a free show, so you've got more money for a little Tuesday night ale, or Irish Whisky. Then, we've got another killer show at the Pig n' Whistle on August 28th. It's a Saturday so you weekenders have something to look forward to.

See you all soon! ooh, longer set at O'Brien's so it's free AND you get more Conleys. Win-Win!
(The Conleys)

Sunday, June 27, 2010 Giant thank yous


You may have heard there was a The Conleys show on Friday, but maybe your heard it was last Friday, or perhaps you heard it was at the Cat Club? If that was the only information you had, sadly we would have missed you. Due to crazy uncontrollable circumstances (that had nothing to do with The Conleys), our show got delayed a week, and then changed venues last minute to the ever-fun Pig 'n' Whistle. Oh and did I mention the original night was going to come with Guinness Cupcakes and cookies hand-made by yours truly? After the date change, and burning myself on the cookie sheet I was burnt out on baking for the rescheduled date. (That's right people, I burnt myself for you! ha)

Now you might think that was enough surprises/changes for one night, but the night's chaos ricocheted all over. Originally we were going to play a rocking crazy set but when we lost the Cat Club at the last minute (which provides the drums, amps, etc), all of us were already on or at the gig and stuck without the equipment to rock. So at the Pig we played a show very much the shows Nick and I used to do when we were the only Conleys. With a rearranged set, scrapped songs, substituted songs, and instruments going directly into the soundboard we did what we do best--enjoyed each song and peppered each with banter.

-How the Juggler Stole My Heart
-Movement on Both Sides
-A Song From Christian's Room
-Grow Me A Man
-Simply Irresistible

Top 5 events of the show:
5. The front row making goo-goo eyes at Nick during his "heart throb" song. Next time I'm bringing an ice bucket on stage to cool off the stalkers ;)
4. Crazy, non-sensical speed up at the end of Grow Me A Man that somehow kinda worked.
3. People singing along, and not just to some simple melodic song, but to Bjork! That's the stuff of greatness. Let's all get together soon and sing about throwing ourselves over a cliff--trust me, it feels awesome. Takes Hyper-Ballad to a new level.
2. Big huge security guy in a full suit staring at us throughout the first couple songs.
1. Said huge security man coming up on stage half-way through the set and kicking a member of the band (Asa) out of the club. Not to be outdone, Asa's lady (who was also ejected) shouting about a skanky bitch on the way out.

Honestly, despite what Mary J. Blige says about 'no drama', a little drama really makes for an entertaining show. At least the folk noir crowd loved it!

I know I speak for all of us (Nick, Stephen, Asa, Frank, and myself) when I say the absolute BEST thing about the night was the amazing turnout from everyone! Despite all the confusion we had some awesome (and truly dedicated) friends and fans show up to support! Their energy seriously pushed what could have been a sucky night into the awesome zone! Remember, you've got to fight for your right to party (or rock)!

I promise I'll gather steam (and protective equipment) and bake for you all soon. Til then, help decide what it'll be:
What baked good would you like to be treated to at a The Conleys Show? Three Layer Chocolate Cookies Coconut Thumbprint Cookies Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies Guinness Cupcakes Thomas Keller's perfect Brownies Lemon Bars (or Tequila Lime Bars) free polls

We've got some good shows coming down the pike for you, and new songs, so stay tuned. 'Til then we'll be at OBrien's Pub in Santa Monica on August 5th, hope to see you then!

musical kisses and hugs,
(and the rest of The Conleys)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sharif he don't like it, Rock the Cat Club, Rock the Cat Club

Hey Noirists, HonCons, Fans, Friends, Foes,
Sorry for the late blog post. Can't really give an adequate excuse, but you'll forgive anyway right? Well, the show Thursday at the Cat Club was awesome. We had a great time playing with so many female-fronted bands and badass chicks, including one of our favorites, Rebekah White.

The HonCons and I were having a great time. The Cat Club has a cool stage, great vibe, nice equipment, and awesome staff. So we're really excited to play there again next month, June 18th.

Set list?
-Racin' the Sun
-Christian's Room
-Lights Across the Canyon
-Simply Irresistible
-Movement on Both Sides

I lost my voice at practice the week before, so I was trying to take it easy on the voice, but I just couldn't hold back. Gotta give the people the songs with intensity. A friend filmed our entire set, so hopefully I'll have some cool videos up soon for you all. And keep an eye out for some new merch coming soon.

musical kisses,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

whoa, you mean this place has a green room?

Hey all, I don't know about you, but The Conleys had a hell of a good time at the show on Sunday. First of all, it was at the world famous Whisky A Go-Go, and if that isn't enough our name was on the marquee on the Sunset Strip. I know, I know, Nick and I have played the Whisky before, but this time was the first with the full band, and the first time as "The Conleys". Perhaps we should do a Top 5 list of why this gig rocked? I think so.

5. It's the Whisky f*cking A Go-Go!

4. We packed the set with rock 'n' roll, and set it off.

3. We had the real, full Honorary Conley Band including two AMAZING new members Stephen Philip (bass), and Julie Hill (vocals, percussion), as well as our wonderful returning players Alex Del Zoppo (keyboards), Frank Schnyder (drums), and Asa Danekind (mandolin, harmonica, percussion).

2. We found the green room/dressing room that according to reputable sources hasn't changed at all over the years save a few coats of paint. That means everyone from Jim Morrison to Motley Crue hung out where we were. Soon to be Morrison to Motley Crue to The Conleys, Folk Yeah!

1. Everyone who came out to support/see/listen to us! The energy was electric and we love you for it, in all seriousness!

So after all the build-up, here's the set list:
-A Song from Christian's Room
-How the Juggler Stole My Heart
-Movement on Both Sides

Anyway, we're working hard on new things here at Team Conley, so keep your eyes peeled. More killer shows, new ideas, new songs, new merch, and more and more! In the meantime, you guys can go on iTunes or Amazon and write up a review of "Folk Noir"! I know you want to gush about your favorite song!


Monday, March 29, 2010 Pig Pig bo-big

Hola Conley acolytes!
Hope you all had a killer weekend, because I know we sure did! We played a show at the Pig 'n' Whistle on Saturday that kinda served as a warm-up for our full band show at the Whisky next month (April 18th to be exact). We played with a mini Honorary Conley band: Julie Hill and our new bass player Steve! Steve (whose last name I still can't remember) is a welcome addition to the HonCons, and he's been working hard to bring out the badass.

Even though we were smaller, we felt like we were rocking out. We even busted out with some lesser played album tracks and a non-album track. I know, ooooh la la.

-Christian's Room
-Simply Irresistible
-Lights Across the Canyon

Things just keep getting better, band keeps getting tighter, and we are super pumped up for the Whisky show!

Oh, did I mention last weekend's show was with our label mate Joe Hajek (for whom I sang backup on "Build", and who sang back up on "Windowsills"). See, you never know what kind of awesome craziness or folk noiring will go on!

We've got some new t-shirt designs up on our online store:, and don't forget the "Folk Yeah" onesies for those little future Conley fans in your life! Hey, if you feel up to it, post a review of 'Folk Noir' on iTunes or Amazon (we prefer the rave reviews, but I suppose honesty is okay).

Much love from us, hope to see you April 18th @ the Whisky!


Sunday, February 21, 2010
G-Strings & Celebrity Rehab
Hey all, Still working on finding a name for the glorious lot of you Conley fans and friends. If you think of something, leave a comment and give some ideas. But honestly, that's not what we're here for is it? We're here to rehash the good time that was had Friday night for the latest The Conleys show!

First of all, let's state that we were playing with the Honorary Conley Band--Alex Del Zoppo, Julie Hill, Frank Schynder, and a guest player Leo sitting in on bass. Since we started off with a bang with the Honorary Conleys, I got a tad over excited (and perhaps my guitar did too) and broke a g-string during the first song. But never fear because label mate and friend Joe Hajek lent me his guitar and we rocked through the rest of the songs. As Joe was fishing out his guitar I took that moment to share with everyone my recent viewing of Celebrity Rehab and the strange mood watching the stone-cold seriousness of the former Alice in Chains band member's reunion with Layne Staley's mother. Not the optimum thing to view before a show. Serious intensity, coupled with my need to learn more and subsequent googling. But once that was off of my chest, and the g-string had been restored, we were on our way to Folk Noiring our hearts out.

-A Song From Christian's Room
-How the Juggler Stole My Heart
-Simply Irresistible
-Movement on Both Sides

Earlier in the night I also made an unplanned appearance in Joe's set, singing backup on his lovely song "Build".

I know we all had a great time playing and sharing the songs with everyone. Plus, for Nick and I, the more time playing with the Honorary Conley Band the better.

Remember, Folk Noir is out now on amazon, itunes, and via our website We're gearing up for some good things to come, so keep your ears to the headphones and your eyes peeled.
Oh, and next time you go out, make a toast to grunge music for me!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Lasers 8 o'clock, day one!

Hey Team Conley!

You Rock! The Conleys are absolutely in love with everyone who came out to support us for CD release show! We had so much fun performing the record for you, accompanied by our own Honorary Conley Band. Even though there wasn't a light show, it felt like there was to us. Who is the illustrious Honorary Conley Band you ask?

Alex Del Zoppo—keyboards
Julie Hill—backing vocals, auxiliary percussion
Asa Danekind—mandolin, harmonica, backing vocals
Frank Schynder—drums

Special guests:
Dave Williams—lead guitar
Joey Gaynor--barker
Joe Hajek—backing vocals

All of these wonderful musicians have their own bona fides. Alex is from the band Sweetwater who were the first band to play Woodstock, Julie is a classically trained opera singer, and Dave owns the studio we did most of our recording in and plays in a killer band called Lizzy Williams. Asa and Joe are our label mates at Meroke Sky Records, and Frank has played with almost everyone involved in Meroke Sky. Needless to say we feel truly honored to be playing with them

What did we play? First of all, weren’t you there to hear it? I kid, I kid, you might have a doctor’s note or something—or live far away. We <3 you.

Racin’ the Sun
A Song from Christian’s Room
How the Juggler Stole My Heart
Movement on Both Sides
Falling Over You
Grow Me A Man
Simply Irresistible
(Lights Across the Canyon)

We got stuck in a time crunch, so we had to skip “Light Across the Canyon”. But all the more reason for everyone to get the album, right? By the way, did you know you can now get it on

On Friday night we had the pleasure of playing with some wonderful people and great friends—Tony Kaye, Joe Hajek, Justin Dzuban, and Rebekah White. Everyone delivered some killer sets and beautiful music. I even joined Joe giving harmonies on his song “American Dream”.

I just don’t know how to describe what a great night we had. It was incredibly gratifying for us to share our completed record, Folk Noir, with you. I just checked and we started work recording it in the evening April 20, 2009 with “Windowsills” and had our final session on October 21 with “Hyper-Ballad”. After that, it was mastering, legal clearance, and production. Without getting too sappy, thanks for being a part of such an important night for us.

The Conley camp is on a roll, so more news soon!
<3 S

Thursday, December 17, 2009  7:42pm
Hey all,

Sad news, The Conley show scheduled for Tomorrow at the Pig ‘n’ Whistle has been cancelled.  The Heat Miser, Noid, and evil Festivus elves conspired to double book the Pig for a private event tomorrow night, so our show is sunk.   We’re bummed that we won’t be able to bring some killer folk noir music to you December, especially since we’ve been working on some killer stuff with the Honorary Conley Band.  Never fear, we’ve got an even better show in the works for January that will be the official CD release party for our debut album, Folk Noir.

Speaking of Folk Noir, we here at The Conleys HQ are officially taking pre-orders.  I will get the cds delivered to HQ on December 24th, at which point we will personally sign, wrap and deliver your pre-ordered copy to your house (provided you live somewhere in the Los Angeles area) all of this in time for Christmas.  How do you pre-order you may ask?  Two options:

    Next time you see a Conley ask if you can pre-order the album and we’ll talk care of you with cash money.
    Send me an email to this address ( with your name and delivery address.  Once I reply back to you to confirm, you can pay through paypal.

More news about the CD release party to come.  Until then, we miss you and will be cooing sweet nothings in your ear for afar.

Sorry, but musical kisses,
The Conleys

Sunday, December 13, 2009 
Hey there my Festivus celebrating friends!

As hard as it is to believe, there are people out there still having holiday parties that are not Festivus related.  I know!  But where there's a stage, The Conleys will play.  And following that rule, Nick and I played a two night corporate business party event!  The second night was last night.  It wasn't an official Conley set, but we were joined by some wonderful people:  Julie Hill on vocals, shakers, and melodica, and Brian Hardink on piano and vocals.  Together the 4 of us put together a set of festive holiday fun:

1. Sweet Child of Mine (nothing says Christmas like some GnR)
2. Lee Shore (CSNY is holiday isn't it?)
3. Snow in Southern California (sad xmas song penned by a Conley or two)
4.  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (4 part harmony anyone?)
5. We Didn't Start the Fire (fun, topical refinery based lyrics to follow)

We all had a killer time, and I'm pretty sure everyone has a few tricks up their sleeve if we get asked to do a third year in a row.  Here are the altered lyrics for your enjoyment.  Don't ask me what they all mean, it's an acronym jumble to me :-)



OH!!! Our debut album Folk Noir will be available for pre-order with any Conley you can find.  They will be delivered to my house on the 24th of December and on that day we Conleys will personalize, sign, wrap and hand deliver your pre-ordered copy to your house.  Sounds like a deal right?  They are the perfect stocking stuffer.  Pre-order your 10 copies soon! (I know you want 10, don't even lie). <3 S

We Didn’t Start the Fire

Hydrocracker, CHD, H2 Plant, Utilities

North Coker, South Coker, Crude and FCC

Selenium, FGT, Merox Flares, DIB

Tank Farm, OM, Amine API

Melodica Solo

Hydrotreater, ESP, Cooling Towers, COB

Gas Plant, SRU, Alchy, PTR

CCB, Todd Majal, Gym and Admin, PCMall

TPT-57, QA Lab and Safety Store

We didn’t start the fire

It was always burning

Since the world’s been turning

We didn’t start the fire

No we didn’t light it

But we tried to fight it

Morning meetings, COD, Tier-1 Safety, NOVs

Sour Water, Boiler Leak, IMPACTS overdue

948, ESS, shift reports, siren test

Breaking down, do 5 – whys, Yellow Envelope

Hydrogen, LOC, I3's fixin' steam trap leaks

Heater Trip, Near Miss, Sample Bomb, Pitch Vis

JFTOT, Bee Sting, Reactor Plug, Opacity

APIs, PSVs, Trouble with the PLC


Feral Cats, United Way, Slam Dunk Safety, Phased Array

Pyrogel, V&V, tell me where is Zone D?

Shooting loops, Opex Caps, cardinal rules, do hot taps

writing permits all day long, in the block house oh that’s wrong



Lock out Tag Out, Work at heights, don’t defeat a SHE device

Working safely is the way protect tomorrow yesterday

Max Pablo, Salazar, Kenneth Hancock, Gloria

Child, Sampsell, Keith and Yeah

What else do I have to say?!




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Thursday, December 8, 2011
We play at 8:00pm
Club 705
705 Pier Ave.
Hermosa Beach, Ca 90254

2009 The Conleys