Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hey all!
Sorry for the late update about the show last weekend. Crazytown here at Casa Conley getting work done and remodeling things. Sigh. But things look nice now, so yay.
So guess what–you can no longer cross the stream at the Cabana Club! That’s because it has been replaced by two hot tubs! No lie. You can theoretically come get your ‘folk noir’ on listening to The Conleys while you get whatever else on in the hot tub. So there you go. Don’t you wish you’d been there to check that out.

Set list:

-Racin’ the Sun
-Simply Irresistible
-Roar (new song)

And yes, we finally debuted the new song we’ve been teasing! It’s called “Roar” and we all thought it went over pretty well. It’s another rocker, so get ready for some raw animal power to a killer beat.

Have you seen our new live videos up on youtube? Just a little taste of the good stuff we’re serving up!

Anyway, we’ve got two new shows coming up! Come see us This Tuesday at O’Brien’s in Santa Monica on Main Street! It’s a free show, so you’ve got more money for a little Tuesday night ale, or Irish Whisky. Then, we’ve got another killer show at the Pig n’ Whistle on August 28th. It’s a Saturday so you weekenders have something to look forward to.

See you all soon! ooh, longer set at O’Brien’s so it’s free AND you get more Conleys. Win-Win!
(The Conleys)

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