Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey all, Still working on finding a name for the glorious lot of you Conley fans and friends. If you think of something, leave a comment and give some ideas. But honestly, that’s not what we’re here for is it? We’re here to rehash the good time that was had Friday night for the latest The Conleys show!

First of all, let’s state that we were playing with the Honorary Conley Band–Alex Del Zoppo, Julie Hill, Frank Schynder, and a guest player Leo sitting in on bass. Since we started off with a bang with the Honorary Conleys, I got a tad over excited (and perhaps my guitar did too) and broke a g-string during the first song. But never fear because label mate and friend Joe Hajek lent me his guitar and we rocked through the rest of the songs. As Joe was fishing out his guitar I took that moment to share with everyone my recent viewing of Celebrity Rehab and the strange mood watching the stone-cold seriousness of the former Alice in Chains band member’s reunion with Layne Staley’s mother. Not the optimum thing to view before a show. Serious intensity, coupled with my need to learn more and subsequent googling. But once that was off of my chest, and the g-string had been restored, we were on our way to Folk Noiring our hearts out.

-A Song From Christian’s Room
-How the Juggler Stole My Heart
-Simply Irresistible
-Movement on Both Sides

Earlier in the night I also made an unplanned appearance in Joe’s set, singing backup on his lovely song “Build”.

I know we all had a great time playing and sharing the songs with everyone. Plus, for Nick and I, the more time playing with the Honorary Conley Band the better.

Remember, Folk Noir is out now on amazon, itunes, and via our website We’re gearing up for some good things to come, so keep your ears to the headphones and your eyes peeled.
Oh, and next time you go out, make a toast to grunge music for me!


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