Sunday, June 27, 2010


You may have heard there was a The Conleys show on Friday, but maybe your heard it was last Friday, or perhaps you heard it was at the Cat Club? If that was the only information you had, sadly we would have missed you. Due to crazy uncontrollable circumstances (that had nothing to do with The Conleys), our show got delayed a week, and then changed venues last minute to the ever-fun Pig ‘n’ Whistle. Oh and did I mention the original night was going to come with Guinness Cupcakes and cookies hand-made by yours truly? After the date change, and burning myself on the cookie sheet I was burnt out on baking for the rescheduled date. (That’s right people, I burnt myself for you! ha)

Now you might think that was enough surprises/changes for one night, but the night’s chaos ricocheted all over. Originally we were going to play a rocking crazy set but when we lost the Cat Club at the last minute (which provides the drums, amps, etc), all of us were already on or at the gig and stuck without the equipment to rock. So at the Pig we played a show very much the shows Nick and I used to do when we were the only Conleys. With a rearranged set, scrapped songs, substituted songs, and instruments going directly into the soundboard we did what we do best–enjoyed each song and peppered each with banter.

-How the Juggler Stole My Heart
-Movement on Both Sides
-A Song From Christian’s Room
-Grow Me A Man
-Simply Irresistible

Top 5 events of the show:
5. The front row making goo-goo eyes at Nick during his “heart throb” song. Next time I’m bringing an ice bucket on stage to cool off the stalkers 😉
4. Crazy, non-sensical speed up at the end of Grow Me A Man that somehow kinda worked.
3. People singing along, and not just to some simple melodic song, but to Bjork! That’s the stuff of greatness. Let’s all get together soon and sing about throwing ourselves over a cliff–trust me, it feels awesome. Takes Hyper-Ballad to a new level.
2. Big huge security guy in a full suit staring at us throughout the first couple songs.
1. Said huge security man coming up on stage half-way through the set and kicking a member of the band (Asa) out of the club. Not to be outdone, Asa’s lady (who was also ejected) shouting about a skanky bitch on the way out.

Honestly, despite what Mary J. Blige says about ‘no drama’, a little drama really makes for an entertaining show. At least the folk noir crowd loved it!

I know I speak for all of us (Nick, Stephen, Asa, Frank, and myself) when I say the absolute BEST thing about the night was the amazing turnout from everyone! Despite all the confusion we had some awesome (and truly dedicated) friends and fans show up to support! Their energy seriously pushed what could have been a sucky night into the awesome zone! Remember, you’ve got to fight for your right to party (or rock)!

I promise I’ll gather steam (and protective equipment) and bake for you all soon. Til then, help decide what it’ll be:
What baked good would you like to be treated to at a The Conleys Show? Three Layer Chocolate Cookies Coconut Thumbprint Cookies Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies Guinness Cupcakes Thomas Keller’s perfect Brownies Lemon Bars (or Tequila Lime Bars) free polls

We’ve got some good shows coming down the pike for you, and new songs, so stay tuned. ‘Til then we’ll be at OBrien’s Pub in Santa Monica on August 5th, hope to see you then!

musical kisses and hugs,
(and the rest of The Conleys)

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