Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey Team Conley!

You Rock! The Conleys are absolutely in love with everyone who came out to support us for CD release show! We had so much fun performing the record for you, accompanied by our own Honorary Conley Band. Even though there wasn’t a light show, it felt like there was to us. Who is the illustrious Honorary Conley Band you ask?

Alex Del Zoppo…….keyboards

Julie Hill………………..backing vocals, auxiliary percussion

Asa Danekind………mandolin, harmonica, backing vocals

Frank Schynder…..drums

Special guests:
Dave Williams……….lead guitar
Joey Gaynor ………….barker
Joe Hajek………………..backing vocals

All of these wonderful musicians have their own bona fides. Alex is from the band Sweetwater who were the first band to play Woodstock, Julie is a classically trained opera singer, and Dave owns the studio we did most of our recording in and plays in a killer band called Lizzy Williams. Asa and Joe are our label mates at Meroke Sky Records, and Frank has played with almost everyone involved in Meroke Sky. Needless to say we feel truly honored to be playing with them

What did we play? First of all, weren’t you there to hear it? I kid, I kid, you might have a doctors note or something or live far away. We <3 you.

Racin the Sun
A Song from Christians Room
How the Juggler Stole My Heart
Movement on Both Sides
Falling Over You
Grow Me A Man
Simply Irresistible
(Lights Across the Canyon)

We got stuck in a time crunch, so we had to skip “Light Across the Canyon. But all the more reason for everyone to get the album, right? By the way, did you know you can now get it on

On Friday night we had the pleasure of playing with some wonderful people and great friends…Tony Kaye, Joe Hajek, Justin Dzuban, and Rebekah White. Everyone delivered some killer sets and beautiful music. I even joined Joe giving harmonies on his song “American Dream.

I just don’t know how to describe what a great night we had. It was incredibly gratifying for us to share our completed record, Folk Noir, with you. I just checked and we started work recording it in the evening April 20, 2009 with and had our final session on October 21 with “Hyper-Ballad. After that, it was mastering, legal clearance, and production. Without getting too sappy, thanks for being a part of such an important night for us.

The Conley camp is on a roll, so more news soon!
<3 S

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