Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey there my Festivus celebrating friends!
As hard as it is to believe, there are people out there still having holiday parties that are not Festivus related.  I know!  But where there’s a stage, The Conleys will play.  And following that rule, Nick and I played a two night corporate business party event!  The second night was last night.  It wasn’t an official Conley set, but we were joined by some wonderful people:  Julie Hill on vocals, shakers, and melodica, and Brian Hardink on piano and vocals.  Together the 4 of us put together a set of festive holiday fun:

1. Sweet Child of Mine (nothing says Christmas like some GnR)2. Lee Shore (CSNY is holiday isn’t it?)3. Snow in Southern California (sad xmas song penned by a Conley or two)4.  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (4 part harmony anyone?)5. We Didn’t Start the Fire (fun, topical refinery based lyrics to follow)

We all had a killer time, and I’m pretty sure everyone has a few tricks up their sleeve if we get asked to do a third year in a row.  Here are the altered lyrics for your enjoyment.  Don’t ask me what they all mean, it’s an acronym jumble to me 🙂

OH!!! Our debut album Folk Noir will be available for pre-order with any Conley you can find.  They will be delivered to my house on the 24th of December and on that day we Conleys will personalize, sign, wrap and hand deliver your pre-ordered copy to your house.  Sounds like a deal right?  They are the perfect stocking stuffer.  Pre-order your 10 copies soon! (I know you want 10, don’t even lie). <3 S
We Didn’t Start the Fire

Hydrocracker, CHD, H2 Plant, Utilities

North Coker, South Coker, Crude and FCC

Selenium, FGT, Merox Flares, DIB

Tank Farm, OM, Amine API

Melodica Solo

Hydrotreater, ESP, Cooling Towers, COB

Gas Plant, SRU, Alchy, PTR

CCB, Todd Majal, Gym and Admin, PCMall

TPT-57, QA Lab and Safety Store

We didn’t start the fire

It was always burning

Since the world’s been turning

We didn’t start the fire

No we didn’t light it

But we tried to fight it

Morning meetings, COD, Tier-1 Safety, NOVs

Sour Water, Boiler Leak, IMPACTS overdue

948, ESS, shift reports, siren test

Breaking down, do 5 – whys, Yellow Envelope

Hydrogen, LOC, I3’s fixin’ steam trap leaks

Heater Trip, Near Miss, Sample Bomb, Pitch Vis

JFTOT, Bee Sting, Reactor Plug, Opacity

APIs, PSVs, Trouble with the PLC


Feral Cats, United Way, Slam Dunk Safety, Phased Array

Pyrogel, V&V, tell me where is Zone D?

Shooting loops, Opex Caps, cardinal rules, do hot taps

writing permits all day long, in the block house oh that’s wrong



Lock out Tag Out, Work at heights, don’t defeat a SHE device

Working safely is the way protect tomorrow yesterday

Max Pablo, Salazar, Kenneth Hancock, Gloria

Child, Sampsell, Keith and Yeah

What else do I have to say?!


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