Monday, March 29, 2010

Hola Conley acolytes!
Hope you all had a killer weekend, because I know we sure did! We played a show at the Pig ‘n’ Whistle on Saturday that kinda served as a warm-up for our full band show at the Whisky next month (April 18th to be exact). We played with a mini Honorary Conley band: Julie Hill and our new bass player Steve! Steve (whose last name I still can’t remember) is a welcome addition to the HonCons, and he’s been working hard to bring out the badass.

Even though we were smaller, we felt like we were rocking out. We even busted out with some lesser played album tracks and a non-album track. I know, ooooh la la.

-Christian’s Room
-Simply Irresistible
-Lights Across the Canyon

Things just keep getting better, band keeps getting tighter, and we are super pumped up for the Whisky show!

Oh, did I mention last weekend’s show was with our label mate Joe Hajek (for whom I sang backup on “Build”, and who sang back up on “Windowsills”). See, you never know what kind of awesome craziness or folk noiring will go on!

We’ve got some new t-shirt designs up on our online store:, and don’t forget the “Folk Yeah” onesies for those little future Conley fans in your life! Hey, if you feel up to it, post a review of ‘Folk Noir’ on iTunes or Amazon (we prefer the rave reviews, but I suppose honesty is okay).

Much love from us, hope to see you April 18th @ the Whisky!


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