Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey everyone!
Did you know The Conleys are actually related to an Irish rebel who was killed via British firing squad during “the troubles”? There’s actually a monument to him. So The Conleys +O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica was a no brainer! Irish unite! (ha)

If you were too beaten down by Monday to come out to our free show at O’Brien’s on Tuesday, you missed a killer time! Not only did we play a jumbo sized set, but there was dancing and drunken sing-a-longs (all great things that happen at Irish pubs)! I can’t even describe how much fun we all had playing for fans and drunken patrons alike.

What did we play?
-Movement on Both Sides
-Christian’s Room
-Simply Irresistible
-Grow Me A Man
-Roar (new song)

We had some awesome dancers jumping up at scattered songs, and we even had a wicked sing along at the end of Simply Irresistible. So awesome.

ooh, and did I mention that The Conleys have officially gone international? We’ve now digitally sold to patrons through iTunes Canada and iTunes Europe/UK. Slowly but surely we are taking over the globe! Watch out Ross Ice Shelf (Antarctica) we’re coming for you next!

Come succumb to our global dominance at the Pig n Whistle Saturday, Aug 28th 8:30pm!

Sarah & The Conleys

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