Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey all, I don’t know about you, but The Conleys had a hell of a good time at the show on Sunday. First of all, it was at the world famous Whisky A Go-Go, and if that isn’t enough our name was on the marquee on the Sunset Strip. I know, I know, Nick and I have played the Whisky before, but this time was the first with the full band, and the first time as “The Conleys”. Perhaps we should do a Top 5 list of why this gig rocked? I think so.

5. It’s the Whisky f*cking A Go-Go!

4. We packed the set with rock ‘n’ roll, and set it off.

3. We had the real, full Honorary Conley Band including two AMAZING new members Stephen Philip (bass), and Julie Hill (vocals, percussion), as well as our wonderful returning players Alex Del Zoppo (keyboards), Frank Schnyder (drums), and Asa Danekind (mandolin, harmonica, percussion).

2. We found the green room/dressing room that according to reputable sources hasn’t changed at all over the years save a few coats of paint. That means everyone from Jim Morrison to Motley Crue hung out where we were. Soon to be Morrison to Motley Crue to The Conleys, Folk Yeah!

1. Everyone who came out to support/see/listen to us! The energy was electric and we love you for it, in all seriousness!

So after all the build-up, here’s the set list:
-A Song from Christian’s Room
-How the Juggler Stole My Heart
-Movement on Both Sides

Anyway, we’re working hard on new things here at Team Conley, so keep your eyes peeled. More killer shows, new ideas, new songs, new merch, and more and more! In the meantime, you guys can go on iTunes or Amazon and write up a review of “Folk Noir”! I know you want to gush about your favorite song!


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